Will Burks

Swing Speedflying Team

, Geboren: 1974, Pilot seit: 2004

Glider: Spitfire 2 & Mirage RS

Sponsor: Swing / Big Wood Ski / Smith / Sport optics / Chums / Beyond Coastal / Freeboern Air Sports

Website / Webprofile:

  • 1999 U.S Freeskiing champion, 2002 North American Freeskiing champion 2014 Miles "Above" Red Bull webisode

Personal info

Job: Professional Athlete

Hobbies: Speedriding, B.A.S.E, Skydiving, Skiing, White water kayaking,

Musik: Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Tesla,

Ich fliege Swing weil

The quality is second to none. I have had the chance to fly many different gliders. The first time I flew my Mirage 11.5 I was stunned by the range! Honestly with trimmers in full my rate of descent made my ears pop and the opposite was a glide so smooth you could here your heart beat. Sickest glider ever!

Ich mag

Flying more then anything Almost.

Ich mag nicht

I'll try anything once…


Inspiring others to take flight