Chris McDougall (Douggs)

Swing Speedflying Team

Australian citizen / Swiss resident
, Geboren: 1976, Pilot seit: 2008

Glider: Mirage RS

Sponsor: cookie composites, Atair, Phoenix fly, Uglyfish eye wear, adrenalin base, Lvn, Safeish, parachute systems, Xsories, Liquid sky

Website / Webprofile:

  • sub terminal & terminal tracking, aerobatics, wingsuit flying, proximity flying both wingsuit & tracking, aerial camera, low object jumping, canopy flying) • 2014/15 Red Bull Aces Championships • 2013 World Record for most base jumpers jumping indoors • 2013 1st place in World Extreme Base Championships, Spain • 2013 1st place in Accuracy Competitions in both Turkey & China • 2013 First ever BASE jumps in Kuwait from Al Hamra Tower • 2012 World first Night Human Slingshot, Dubai • 2011 World BASE Championships, 2nd place • 2008 UK ProBase ‘British Open’: Overall Champion • 2003/04 BASE jumping World Champion: 1st place Aerobatics, 1st place Team, 1st place overall • Attended Countless events and competitions around the world, always placing highly including: 2002/2005/2006/2012 Malaysian BASE jumping tour, 2007 Bridge day BASE jumping event, 2002 Norway heli BASE jumping boogie 2004/2005/2006/2011/2012/2013, Mexico BASE jumping event 2006, Shanghai BASE jumping event 2004, Beijing BASE eventSkydiving • Professional Skydiver with over 7100+ skydives around the world • 1998-2003, 6 time National Skydiving Champion in 4 way & 8 way RW • 2001 – 2003 Australian team member for World Championships Placing 4th & 6th in the world. • 2002 World Record 300 way skydive Guinness Book of World Records • 12 Gold medals in various state events • Advanced in all Disciplines of Skydiving including Free flying, Relative work, Canopy relative work, Wingsuit flying, Skydiving coaching & instructing, Tandem Skydiving & aerial camera. 2005. • Highly regarded and respected throughout the world of Base jumping • Many expeditions throughout remote parts of the world including, Baffin Island, China, Norway, New Zealand & 37 other countries.

Personal info

Job: Professional base jumper & adventurer. Keynote speaker specialising in risk managemnet

Hobbies: Tunnel Flying, Skeleton Racing, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Speedflying, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Travelling, Scuba Diving, Mountain biking, Hiking, Photography, Writing

Musik: Punk rock, Harcore, Side trance and most other music

Ich fliege Swing weil

They are epic wings for both safety and performance

Ich mag

living large and having as much fun as possible. All adventure sports, Friends and travel

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Achieved well beyond my wildest dreams. Dream now is to live a long and healthy life, continue the adventure and collect more epic memories!