Günther Wörl

Managing Director and owner

In 1987, the company SWING AG Switzerland originated out of the sail-maker Zuberbühler.  Günther started to work for the company in 1988 as a test pilot, and became its German distributor in 1989. When Hans Ueli Zuberbühler, the owner of the company at the time, retired in 1994, Günther took over management and, together with his wife Birgit, devoted his full energy into building up SWING. He moved the company's headquarters to Bavaria and expanded the international distribution network. “SWING is my life”, says Günther simply, a comment which summarises his commitment to the company.

Günther has been enthusiastic about flying since he was a child, when he would spend all his free time at the nearby sport airfield. This led to his decision to train as an aeromechanic. Although he also completed the master's certificate, he realised that he would rather work with people than planes. So he then studied business administration and worked happily for several years as sales engineer with Hoechst, until he started with SWING.

“Flying has been with me throughout my life”, Günther says. He started paragliding in 1987, paramotoring and ultralight flying then followed. Günther describes his enthusiasm for flying: “Flying offers something unique in life. It opens up a new dimension for me”. So, apart from family and work, one of his main goals for the coming years is to find even more time for flying.

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