Lars Pongs

Brand Manager Powerplay & Sales Manager

Personnel Manager

Lars comes from the Cologne region. He trained as a cabinetmaker and then completed business administration studies. In 2001 he moved to Bavaria and joined SWING. He began paragliding in 1989 while he was still at school. “To pay for my training, I worked on an assembly line for three weeks in the school holidays. It was the toughest time of my life!” laughs Lars. But the effort was worth it: he discovered paramotoring in the flat areas around Cologne and became a member of the German paramotor team. Later he started to fly ultralights, and since he has been living near the Alps , he flies cross-country whenever the conditions are good. He has been very successful, achieving 8th place in the open class in the 2004 German OLC competition.

Lars is the Brand Manager for Swing's paramotor brand Powerplay and Sales Manager. Although he puts a lot of time into work and flying, Lars is careful not to ignore other areas of his life. His main goal is to actively shape his life, rather than letting it drift past him.

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