Swing staff

SWING has 20 staff, supported by a number of freelance workers. Most of them are keen pilots and like to spend their spare time flying. “Our enthusiasm for flying motivates us in our work” says Daniel Schmidt.

Great importance is placed on collaborative thinking: “A paraglider is the product of a combination of various disciplines”, emphasises managing director Günther Wörl. “Every employee in our company makes an important contribution to the success of our products and the company”.

Günther Wörl

Guenther woerl

Managing Director and owner

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Alessio Casolla


Development / Testpilot

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Michael Nesler

Michael nesler

Research & Development / Testpilot

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Birgit Wörl

Birgit woerl-portrait

Staff & Organization

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Karin Niefnecker

Karin-Greipl Teaser

Head of accounting

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Okan Tezcan

Okan tezcan

Purchasing and Operations

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Philip Müller

Philip mueller001 479x479

Quality management

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Lars Pongs

Lars pongs

Brand Manager Powerplay & Sales Manager

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Christina Aberl

Christine-Aberl teaser

Sales department

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Julia Buchholz

Julia -Buchholz-Teaser

purchase assistant

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Max Poehlmann

Max poehlmann 450x450

Sales & Marketing

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Karl-Michael Hüglin


Field service

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Daniel Muik

Platzhalter mann

Purchase & Sales

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Gabi Siegl


Workshop & Service

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Petra Schlechter

Petra-Schlechter Teaser

Workshop & Service / Warehouse & Shipping

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Nicolas Eggert


design, research and development

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Christine Kappes

Christine-Kappes Teaser


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Eugen Schussmann

Eugen schussmann

Warehouse and workshop

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Manuel Croci

Manuel croci

Development, Test pilot, Competition

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Markus Schussmann

Markus-Schussmann Teaser

Workshop & service

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Elke Schmid

Platzhalter frau


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