Service Package

  • 2-yearly check by Swing
  • Warranty & authorised inspection facilities
  • What you should know about the 2-year check
  • What do I need to do?
  • What does SWING do when inspecting my glider?

Biennial gliders' check by SWING - excellent service for a great product!

Our staff inspects well over 1000 SWING gliders every year, giving us extensive experience with each model we produce. As the manufacturer, we of course have the most detailed knowledge about our own product range.

We have an extensive technical database on which to draw, and this puts us in a position where we have a better understanding of any abnormalities in a glider. In addition, we have the greatest experience in relation to intrinsic changes which can occur as a result of a glider aging.

We also compare all inspection results with our original production records, so we are able to follow precisely the history of every glider.

At SWING, we use modern measuring instruments. If necessary, our staff can also quickly carry out difficult repairs on the spot, because all original parts, such as fabric and lines, are kept in stock. SWING thus offers you expert service on very favourable terms.

Warranty & authorised inspection facilities

SWING grants a warranty of either 3 years or 300 flight hours for every glider. However, the warranty is only valid if the 2-year checks and any repairs necessary are carried out and documented by SWING or by aviation facilities approved and authorised by SWING. This is intended to ensure that checks and repairs are carried out competently and accurately.

Swing GmbH
An der Leiten 4
82290 Landsberied

Below are the additional addresses of all authorised inspection facilities:




Flugschule GlideZeit oder
07121-370 400
+41 71 220 36 80
Swing GmbH
An der Leiten 4
82290 Landsberied
Flugschule Mergenthaler
Flugschule Jura
+41 62 394 22 22
Flugschule Ternberg
Oase Flugschule
Flugschule Swissraft
+41 81 911 52 52
Flugschule Blue Sky
Flugschule Chiemsee GmbH
Flugschule Emmetten
+41 41 620 12 12
Flugschule Göppingen
07164 - 12021

+41 27 346 1124

Flugschule Sky-Team

We specifically draw your attention to the fact that the warranty will lapse if repairs were carried out other than by SWING or its approved inspection/repair facilities.

What you should know about the 2-year check

The 2-year check is a review of the condition of a paraglider . It does not include a test flight and therefore it does not fulfil the function of an airworthiness certificate. In addition, not all of the safety-related parameters specified by the DHV are checked or measured in the course of a 2-year check. We therefore request that you specifically advise us if there is anything unusual about the flight or launch behaviour of your glider (see Form). We will then examine the glider even more closely with this information in mind.

Services offered

SWING offers a comprehensive service for its products which, as well as the 2-year check, includes small repairs and any trim adjustments to the glider.


The cost for this service package is € 189.00 (incl. 19% VAT) with X-Wing and tandems due to the increased expense € 229.00 ( Incl . 19% VAT . ), payable on invoice. This price is without delivery.


Due to a high degree of capacity utilisation of our workshop, 2-years checks currently take approx. 15 working days.

What do I need to do?

1) Send your paraglider to SWING, telling us the reason(s) you are doing so (repair, two-yearly check, warranty claim etc.) and giving your full contact details (name, address, telephone, email address) so that we are able to contact you if we have any queries. 

You can download a service request form here. Please complete this and send it to us with your glider. You do not need to send a covering letter.

Service request to download

Delivery address

An der Leiten 4
82290 Landsberied


Please contact Swing before sending in the package due to customs technical affairs.
Else, it may happen that Swing has to send the glider back due to very high customs costs.

+49 (0)8141 3277888

2) We recommend that you pack your paraglider in a strong box so that it isn't damaged during delivery. Don't forget to insure it. The size of the box should be approximately 57 cm x 43 cm x 40 cm, so that it will fit your glider comfortably. Important: Please send only the inner bag and form to us with your glider.

3) More serious and expensive repairs will not be started until we have advised the customer and provided a cost estimate.

4) It normally takes 10 days to carry out a 2-year check (one week plus return delivery). The time required for repairs varies according to the nature of the problem.

What does SWING do when inspecting my glider?

1. Air permeability

First, the permeability (porosity) of the fabric is tested using a JDC porosity meter. The meter measures the time (in seconds) which it takes to suck a certain volume of air through the fabric. The shorter the time, the more permeable (porous) the fabric is. This reading is taken from six areas on the top and bottom surfaces of the glider.

Porosity values


2. Tear resistance

The next step is to check the tear resistance of the fabric using a device called a “Bettsometer”. A needle-sized hole is made in the fabric and a weight of 1000g is attached. The fabric must not tear more than 5mm.

3. Visual inspection of the canopy

Finally we inspect the top and bottom surfaces of the canopy, panel by panel, for any holes, tears, stretched areas or areas of wear. Minor damage is repaired immediately. If more extensive repairs are needed, we will discuss this first with the customer and replace the damaged areas. The seams and interior of the glider, cell walls and reinforcement are also thoroughly checked. The glider is shaken out, to remove any sand or other debris which has accumulated inside the cells.

4. Connections

Our check will also include an inspection of the connections, risers and quick links. These are also inspected for areas of wear, kinks and tears.

5. Lines

Next the lines are inspected. SWING uses a modern electronic strength testing apparatus for this, which gives a digital reading of the strength values (accurate to the gram). Each model and size of glider has its own minimum values for line breaking strength. There is more information on this in the service manual. The number of lines which are broken depends on the condition of the glider. The lines are shredded and then replaced by new original lines.

Next the lines are visually inspected for damage and measured accurately under a 5 kg weight. This weight corresponds to the force placed on a line during flight. In practice, the length of the lines can be altered by the pilot's weight (which mainly goes on the A-and B-lines), moisture or dirt. We often find that the C-, D-, (E-) and brake lines shorten which then causes the profile to alter (incorrect angle of incidence).The glider then flies more slowly and, in extreme cases, becomes more susceptible to deep stall. If we find that the glider is incorrectly trimmed, we shorten or lengthen the lines accordingly. This is generally done by looping them. The line in question is only replaced if the discrepancy is too great. SWING offers this service free of charge. Caution: Correct trimming of the glider is not included by all inspection facilities.

6. Inspection report sticker

The results of the check are then recorded and the inspection seal is affixed to the glider's wing tip. The inspection seal has our stamp and is signed by the inspector.

Please read carefully and observe any recommendations by our inspector in your inspection report.