Swing News

SWING CONNECT REVERSE 3 - available now!

The Connect Reverse 3 is now available in all sizes.

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Mirage RS - now also available in 15.5m²

The Mirage RS 15 is the speedflying link to the APUS RS, our paraglider-miniwing.

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New prices for our 2-year paraglider check!

The price for our 2-year paraglider check has remained unchanged for many years. To be able to continue providing professional servicing work, we unfortunately find ourselves forced to increase this price.

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Outstanding achievements in the 2016 season

1st place for Didi Siglbauer in both the Standard class AND the Overall standings in the DHV XC

2nd place for Erwin Auer in the DHV XC Flatland rankings

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Repair for Charly Finsterwalder buckles

Charly Finsterwalder’s recommendation:  All  harness-closures which are affected by the safety measure must be reworked according to the specifications through specialized and briefed staff.

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Safety notice

Because defective buckles have been supplied by Charly Finsterwalder a safety notice has been published for the harnesses “FLAIR” from Flight Design and “CONNECT” and “CONNECT 2” from SWING

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Safety notice for harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder

Safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap.

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SWING Easter- Testival in Bassano

This weekend we stay in Bassano and give you the opportunity to try out our latest products.

Come to Garden Relais and check out the brandnew NYOS, MITO, NEXUS or the SENSIS and ask us about the RAST Technology and our ARUS concept harness.

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