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Tu Equipo Swing

The NAJA is the latest product in SWING's POWERPLAY range of paramotor gliders.
This uncompromising performance glider was specifically developed to meet the demands of motorised flight and has been certified under the latest DULV Advanced Class regulations.
This makes the NAJA the ideal addition to our POWERPLAY range of products.


The NAJA was developed in close cooperation with paramotor manufacturers and experienced paramotor pilots, who were able to put all of their experience into this paramotor wing.
We wanted a glider with a small surface area (wing-loading >= 4.5 kg/m²) with a conventional paraglider profile and short lines.
The thrust from the motor was factored into calculations of the pilot's position. Therefore we achieved optimum launch characteristics, as well as excellent flight performance with high canopy stability and manageable behaviour in extreme flying manoeuvres.
Even slight trimmer adjustments are enough to increase speed clearly because the trimmer has an effect on all riser levels, since it is not the profile but the angle of attack which is changed by applying the trimmer.
Pilots themselves can change any trimmer bands which wear out through frequent use in just a few steps.

Flight characteristics

The NAJA is conceived as a classy paramotor wing and will enthuse any paramotor pilot looking for a fast and agile glider.
The glider responds to steering moves predictably, without any time lag and without any negative tendency. Tight turns with steep banking with the NAJA will amaze!
A further strength of the NAJA is its ability to convert engine power efficiently when climbing. Even at full throttle, the NAJA is only minimally behind the pilot, and thus in the high-performance angle-of-attack range. This feature also ensures sufficiently long control-travel (also when under load).
The extremely simple rising behaviour ensures that launch does not become stressful even if the conditions are difficult.

Appearance counts too

The racy design emphasises the NAJA's sporty nature. The bottom surface has for the main part been kept white, to make it easier for pilots to apply logos at a later time. If you would like an individual design, SWING offers the option of creating your own special designs and logo gliders (for an additional charge).

Follow the link below for more information:
Special designs

Target market

The NAJA is intended for paramotor pilots who already have experience in powered paragliding. The NAJA covers the full spectrum of powered paragliding, but its full strength will be evident on dynamic turns.

A glider with the fun factor!

Naja 21 23 25
* bei max. Startgewicht und geöffnetem Trimmer. Auch abhängig von der Motorisierung.      
Homologación LTF 23/05 para parapentes de motor advanced advanced advanced
95 - 130 105 - 140 115 - 170


48 48 48

Superficie proyectada (m²)

21 23 25

Envergadura real (m)

11,2 11,7 12,1

Envergadura proyectada (m)

8,8 9,2 9,6

Alargamiento real

5 5 5

Velocidad máx. 100% acel. aprox.(km/h)

50 * 50 * 50 *

Máximo planeo (frenos libres aprox.(km/h)

41 41 41
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Color Design Tool

We are currently improving our Color Design Tool. During this work, it will not be available.

For a wing in custom colors, please write an e-mail with your wishes to


Existen dos posibilidades para crear un parapente de manera individual:

  • Simplemente cambiar los colores a tu gusto
  • Hacer un parapente con la colocación de letras / logotipos publicitarios.

Patrocinar un parapente

Aquí los datos y consejos que te pueden ayudar en la adquisición de posibles patrocinadores.



El tiempo de suministro para parapentes con colores especiales puede variar mucho según la capacidad de la producción en el momento del pedido. Pregunta a tu distribuidor cuál es el tiempo real para tu vela de colores especiales.

aile swing naja 013
aile swing naja 021
aile swing naja 033
aile swing naja 039
aile swing naja 043
francis cormon overfields
salon ulm blois 112
salon ulm blois 199
salon ulm blois 228 breit




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Naja 21 23 25

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