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SWING presents with the MISTRAL 7 a complete new concept. The very stable canopy combines impressive glide performance with pleasant handling, maximum rate of climb and very high passive safety. This was achieved through reduced aspect ratio to a moderate 5.5 and a new form of the canopy. Significant are the reduction of lines and the considerably reduced drag of the system. The MISTRAL 7 offers EN C performance with EN B safety. The wing is aimed at the ambitious XC pilot of the standard class, but also talented pilots from the low-end EN-B range.

"With the MISTRAL 7 we set new standards in the EN B class" Günther Wörl, Managing Director of SWING is sure. "After very intensive development and numerous comparison flights, SWING is proud to launch one the best performing and most balanced wings of this class to the market."

Design & technical highlights

  • streamlined and optimized leading edge ("sharknose" concept)
  • only 2 lines per side and level
  • 3 Line levels (A,B,C)
  • only 272 m of total line length (incl. brake) in size M
  • innovative arrangement of the H-Straps and diagonal ribs
  • novel flat projection with geometrically converted wash-out
  • optimized tension on the trailing edge, combined with a reefing brake
  • 3D-shaping and Miniribs optimized material mix (canopy/lines)

Properties of the Mistral 7

  • maximum glide performance with very flat polar curve
  • very efficient and smooth accelerator, huge speed increase
  • nice handling and agility, balanced pitch stability, calm and comfortable in flight
  • manageable, well controllable spiral behavior
  • very high stability of the canopy over the entire range speed range realized through an automatic control of the angle of attack and optimized leading edge
  • durability and light weight (only 5.5 kg in size M)
Mistral 7 XS S



* Validated by DHV


LTF homologation






CEN homologation






60-80 75-95 85-105 95-115 105-130


52 52 52 52 52

Wing area (m²)

21,4 23,2 25,0 27,0 29,0

Wing area projected (m²)

18,6 20,2 21,5 23,5 25,2

Wing span (m)

10,8 11,3 11,7 12,2 12,6

Projected wing span (m)

8,8 9,2 9,4 9,9 10,3

Aspect ratio

5,5 5,5 5,5 5,5 5,5

Projected aspect ratio

4,2 4,2


4,2 4,2

Glider weight (kg)

5,1 5,3 5,6 5,9 6,2

Max speed (km/h)

>53 >53 >53 >53 >53

Trim speed (km/h)

39 39 39 39 39

Bridle count (m)

252 263 272 286 298

List price incl. 19% german VAT (EUR)

3550,- 3550,- 3550,- 3550,- 3550,-

Scope of delivery

  • Swing MISTRAL 7
  • Sherpa Backpack
  • Innerbag
  • Compression Strap
  • Riser Bag
  • Repair-Set
  • Manual

SWING Multi Grip Demonstration

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Special designs

In general there are two ways to individualise the paraglider,

  • firstly by a special design (see below) and,
  • secondly, by adding an advertising message to it.

Paraglider sponsoring

Here are some facts and information which you may find helpful in finding sponsors or applying for sponsorship.

Special designs


The delivery time for special colors can vary strongly due to capacity utilization of our production. Please contact your dealer to inquire the respective delivery time.

Mistral 7-Allgaeu-Foto Jeremy Paxson-6.JPG
Mistral 7-SA-Pete Wallenda-26 03 2013-1.JPG
Mistral 7-SA-Pete Wallenda-26 03 2013-3.JPG
Mistral 7-Southafrica-Foto Pete Wallenda-4
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto David Seren-(22)-001.JPG
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto David Seren-(28).JPG
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto David Seren-(39).JPG
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto Jeremy Paxson-(9).JPG
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto Philip Mueller-(22).JPG
Mistral 7-Stubai Cup 2013-Foto Philip Mueller-(24).JPG

Test reports






Dust of the universe



Thermik Magazin



Cross Country 149



Ein wirklich schöner Schirm mit dem in meinen Augen feinsten Handling der B-Klasse. [...] Die Drehfreude gepaart mit Kontrollierbarkeit machen echt Spaß. Man fühlt sich wirklich auch in heftigen Bedingungen als Herr der Lage. - Lucian Haas  (lu-glidz)

Der M7 ist ein affengeiler Schirm! - Philip Haag (Junior Pilot, DE)

Der Mistral macht richtig Spass und ist ziemlich stabil in Turbulenzen. Auch leistungsmäßig ist er mit dabei. - Stefan Hennes (XC-Pilot, DE)

It was super cool! High flights, made couple XCs. Mistral kicks ass! Best glider in the world. - Vitaly Umansky (XC Pilot)

The Mistral 7 is fantastic to fly with loads of performance and safety. - Lloyd Willemsen (Winner "Baberton Paragliding Comp" 2013)

It is clear that I fly greater distances than before, thanks to the Mistral 7. For me the Mistral 7 is a real sensation! - Ton Stokkermans (Pilot, NL)

I'm getting some feedback about the Mistral 7. Pilots are REALLY totally very happy with this wing. The test pilot of Parapente+ told me that this was the best paraglider that he try. He wants to keep it to himself! Congratulations for your excellent work! - Jean-Marcel Gau (Swing Air Import, FR)

Mistral 7 DE EN FR ES

Brochure / Flyer



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Maintenance and Service Book





Test reports

PDF (Thermik 10/13)

PDF (XC 149)

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Mistral 7 XS S M L XL
Test report