3 - Years Guarantee

Extent of the Guarantee

  • SWING guarantees for every glider which has been delivered after January 1st 1999 either 3 years
     or 300 flight hours, wichever comes first. This guarantee covers failures caused by material or production problems for which SWING is responsible.
  • This Guarantee is valid for all paragliders with EN or LTF certification that are used for leisure flights. The guarantee does not include paragliders which are used for educational or professional purposes.

The following points are also excluded from the guarantee:

  • Color fading from the fabric
  • Damage by solvents, fuel, chemicals, sand or sea water.
  • Accidental damage before, during and after the flight caused by accidents and emergency situations
  • Damage caused by negligence
  • Damage caused by Force Majeure

Terms of Guarantee

  • The Warranty Card must be filled out correctly and returned to SWING within 14 days  after the paraglider has been purchased.
  • Every flight, including duration and flight area, has to be recorded completely and without exception in an
    official flight book.
  • The paraglider is to be used and maintained in accordance with the instructions that are part of the
     paraglider manual and other documents. This includes in particular careful drying, cleaning and storage of the paraglider.
  • All prescripted checks and repairs are to be carrried out exclusively by SWING or by technical aviation companies that have been explicitly charged with such repairing or checking by SWING. Every modification or repair has to be documented completely and correctly according the guidelines issued by SWING.
  • The paraglider must be unmistakably identified and checked for compliance with the guarantee card.


Any claim under the warranty which is accepted will be handled as follows:

  • If a warranty claim is accepted for a glider which is less than 6 months old and which has been used for fewer than 50 hours, it will be replaced by a new glider at no charge.
  • If a warranty claim is accepted for a glider which is more than 6 months old or which has had more use, it will be replaced by a used glider which is either at least equal in value to, or better than, the original glider.
  • The customer also has the option of acquiring a new glider if an appropriate amount is paid to make up the difference in value. However Swing reserves the right to exchange the glider for a used glider (see 2 above) as its first option.

Extension of the warranty

A customer may request that the warranty be extended if a paraglider is more than three years old but it is clear that it has been used for fewer than 300 flight hours, and a customer has justified concerns about the ageing of one or more parts.    

Good faith

Swing is under no obligation beyond those described above. It is possible, however, that it will make a good faith settlement.