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3D Freestyle "...makes you smile!"

Are unusual flying positions your thing? Then you are looking in the right place! With the 3D Free-Style, Swing introduces the ideal fun glider which, at only 22m², will make the heart of every freestyle pilot beat a little faster. The name 3D describes a fairly rigorous aerobatics style within a tight space, but it would be a mistake to think that the glider is suitable only for aerial acrobatics. The small surface area not only ensures relaxed flying in areas with strong wind thanks to its large speed range (up to 65km/h), but still also allows amazingly good and dynamic thermalling.

The “wild guys” in the acro scene will of course find much more again to this unusual glider. All of the usual acro manoeuvres can be flown smoothly and energetically.

The 3D Freestyle has been designed for a particular, experienced group of paraglider pilots and is the perfect ‘toy’ for old hands, young guns, freestyle beginners and flying instructors who would like to expose themselves to higher centrifugal forces and are looking for a bit of variety.

The glider passed the load test with 147kg at 8g. Further authorisations with the DHV or CEN were not called for. The 3D displayed very straightforward and standard behaviour during our tests. Bearing in mind that the test pilots had the appropriate skills, it did not place any unusually high demands.

What does it look like?...Would you like to know more? ...then contact us at: info@swing.de

Features and benefits

  1. Dynamic and balanced handling
  2. High level of stability and safety margins
  3. Less altitude loss when performing manoeuvres
  4. Efficient and superior launch behaviour
  5. Direct canopy feedback to steering input
  6. Good properties in thermal flying despite the small surface area
  7. Good control in extreme flying manoeuvres
  8. Available in size 22
  9. Good glider life expectancy because of the exclusive and functional choice of materials


  Manöver Level of difficulty
1 Fullstall average
2 SAT easy
3 asymetric SAT easy
4 rhythmic SAT difficult
5 Spiral easy
6 asymetric Spiral easy
7 Looping average
8 Wingover easy
9 Mac Twist average
10 Helicopter average

Infinity tumbling not possible (due to glider size)

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3D Freestyle 22

LTF homologation not accelerated


CEN homologation




Wing area (m²)


Wing area projected (m²)


Wing span (m)


Projected wing span (m)


Aspect ratio


Projected aspect ratio


Max speed (km/h)

> 50

Trim speed (km/h)


Special designs

In general there are two ways to individualise the paraglider,

  • firstly by a special design (see below) and,
  • secondly, by adding an advertising message to it.

Paraglider sponsoring

Here are some facts and information which you may find helpful in finding sponsors or applying for sponsorship.

Special designs


The delivery time for special colors can vary strongly due to capacity utilization of our production. Please contact your dealer to inquire the respective delivery time.

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