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DISCUS - for future experts

Comfort and safety. With the new DISCUS, SWING respond to the latest requirements for wings for beginners and low airtime pilots . A glider, that you can trust 100 % right from the beginning. The elegant wing is designed for beginners, leisure and low airtime pilots, where very high passive safety is most important. Due to the EN / LTF -A certification, the DISCUS is also fully suitable for your first training flights and convinces with very easy launch, flight and landing behavior and amazing performance for its class.

In the design of the DISCUS the latest technologies and findings from the upper classes have been incorporated. These include 3D-shaping of the leading edge and miniribs on the trailing edge. Only 3 rows of lines to the risers also make the take off preparations super easy.

The pleasant, balanced handling, damping and flight characteristics, and the large speed range make the DISCUS also suitable for your first cross country-adventures and will inspire you, as a future expert, for a long time after your first training flights.

Constructive & Technical Highlights

  • 3D -shaping of the leading edge
  • miniribs on the trailing edge
  • 3 -Liner Technology
  • highest quality standards
  • optimized canopy tensions
  • reefing brake system on the trailing edge
  • diagonal ribs
  • latest calculation and simulation methods
  • optimized material mix ( canopy/lines)

Properties of the DISCUS

  • only 3 main lines make for an easy start preparation
  • very simple launch behavior
  • very high level of passive safety
  • very forgiving, long brake travel
  • pleasant balanced handling
  • comfortable dampening and flight characteristics for stress-free flights
  • simple circling &centering of thermals
  • Wide speed range -> safety margin in stronger winds
  • suitable for cross country flights
  • smooth accelerator
  • very high stability of the canopy
  • very easy landing behavior
  • approved for winching
  • durability and low weight ( only 5.5 kg in size M )

Contact your flying school or our country representatives for more information.

Discus XS S M L XL

List price incl. 19% german VAT (EUR)


LTF homologation

A [pdf]

A (☍)

A (☍)

A (☍)

A [pdf]

CEN homologation

A [pdf]

A (☍)

A (☍)

A (☍)

A [pdf]

55-80 75-95 80-105 95-115 105-130


44 44 44 44 44

Wing area (m²)

24 26,5 29,8 32,0 33,5

Wing area projected (m²)

20,5 22,7 25,4 27,4 28,6

Wing span (m)

11,2 11,8 12,5 13,0 13,3

Projected wing span (m)

8,8 9,2 9,8 10,1 10,4

Aspect ratio

5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2

Projected aspect ratio

3,7 3,7 3,7 3,7 3,7

Glider weight (kg)

4,9 5,1 5,5 5,8 6,0

Max speed (km/h)

47 ±2 47 ±2 47 ±2 47 ±2 47 ±2

Trim speed (km/h)

38 ±1 38 ±1 38 ±1 38 ±1 38 ±1

Scope of delivery

Lieferumfang Swing Discus

  • Swing DISCUS
  • Sherpa Backpack
  • Innerbag
  • Compression Strap
  • Riser Bag
  • Free*Spee Speedbar
  • Repair-Set
  • Manual

SWING Multi Grip Demonstration

  • Navigation

Special designs

In general there are two ways to individualise the paraglider,

  • firstly by a special design (see below) and,
  • secondly, by adding an advertising message to it.

Paraglider sponsoring

Here are some facts and information which you may find helpful in finding sponsors or applying for sponsorship.

Special designs


The delivery time for special colors can vary strongly due to capacity utilization of our production. Please contact your dealer to inquire the respective delivery time.

DISCUS Anzeige
Discus Magma Gliding
DISCUS Magma Thermik
DISCUS Magma Topsail
Discus Nature Frontal
DISCUS Nature Soaring
Discus Nature Soaring SA
DISCUS Nature Start
DISCUS Nature Touchdown
Swing DISCUS-Lieferumfang

Test reports





Thermik Magazin 11/12_2014





CrossCountry 155



Für mich die Entdeckung auf dem diesjährigen Stubai Cup - einfacher und entspannter kann fliegen nicht sein... -

Daniel Kirchner
(Fluglehrer, Sky-Team)

"...wir haben von Euch einen Discus bekommen und Götz hat ihn in Bassano probegeflogen - er war sehr zufrieden. Außerdem wollten wir Euch mal für die Qualität der Swing Schirme loben :-)"

Flugschule Bielefeld

"…der Discus ist sicherlich einer der „schneidigsten“ A-Schirme und gefällt mir sehr gut, insbesondere im Startverhalten.“

Mit Fliegergrüßen
Hans E. Hoschka
Kompetenz im Flugsport


"The Discus is simply super! The wing was flown by a number of people and I only got positive feedback."

Pete Wallenda (WallendAIR, ZA)

"In summary, Swing's general description of the Discus, what level of wing it is and which kind of pilot it best suited to, seems very fair and accurate to me. An excellent first wing which certainly has more than enough performance to take you on your first cross country flights. It's got lots more performance than the wing that took me on my first XCs!" [...read more]

Flybubble Paragliding

"It would be hard to imagine a better birthday celebration: paragliding with Swing Discus to the cloud base on my first proper thermalling day! Discus was very easy to launch, fun to fly with and showed great performance overall! The Discus fulfilled exactly what the company promises: For Future Experts!"

Anze Cokl (Beginner Paragldiding Pilot, SLO)


Brochure / Flyer



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Maintenance and Service Book




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Test report Thermik Magazin


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Review Cross Country



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