Chris McDougall (Douggs)

Swing Speedflying Team

Australian citizen / Swiss resident
, Year of Birth: 1976, Pilot since: 2008

Glider: Mirage RS

Sponsor: cookie composites, Atair, Phoenix fly, Uglyfish eye wear, adrenalin base, Lvn, Safeish, parachute systems, Xsories, Liquid sky

Website / Webprofile:

  • sub terminal & terminal tracking, aerobatics, wingsuit flying, proximity flying both wingsuit & tracking, aerial camera, low object jumping, canopy flying) • 2014/15 Red Bull Aces Championships • 2013 World Record for most base jumpers jumping indoors • 2013 1st place in World Extreme Base Championships, Spain • 2013 1st place in Accuracy Competitions in both Turkey & China • 2013 First ever BASE jumps in Kuwait from Al Hamra Tower • 2012 World first Night Human Slingshot, Dubai • 2011 World BASE Championships, 2nd place • 2008 UK ProBase ‘British Open’: Overall Champion • 2003/04 BASE jumping World Champion: 1st place Aerobatics, 1st place Team, 1st place overall • Attended Countless events and competitions around the world, always placing highly including: 2002/2005/2006/2012 Malaysian BASE jumping tour, 2007 Bridge day BASE jumping event, 2002 Norway heli BASE jumping boogie 2004/2005/2006/2011/2012/2013, Mexico BASE jumping event 2006, Shanghai BASE jumping event 2004, Beijing BASE eventSkydiving • Professional Skydiver with over 7100+ skydives around the world • 1998-2003, 6 time National Skydiving Champion in 4 way & 8 way RW • 2001 – 2003 Australian team member for World Championships Placing 4th & 6th in the world. • 2002 World Record 300 way skydive Guinness Book of World Records • 12 Gold medals in various state events • Advanced in all Disciplines of Skydiving including Free flying, Relative work, Canopy relative work, Wingsuit flying, Skydiving coaching & instructing, Tandem Skydiving & aerial camera. 2005. • Highly regarded and respected throughout the world of Base jumping • Many expeditions throughout remote parts of the world including, Baffin Island, China, Norway, New Zealand & 37 other countries.


Job: Professional base jumper & adventurer. Keynote speaker specialising in risk managemnet

Hobbies: Tunnel Flying, Skeleton Racing, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Speedflying, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Travelling, Scuba Diving, Mountain biking, Hiking, Photography, Writing

Music: Punk rock, Harcore, Side trance and most other music

I fly Swing because

They are epic wings for both safety and performance

I like

living large and having as much fun as possible. All adventure sports, Friends and travel

I dislike



Achieved well beyond my wildest dreams. Dream now is to live a long and healthy life, continue the adventure and collect more epic memories!

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