Will Burks

Swing Speedflying Team

, Year of Birth: 1974, Pilot since: 2004

Glider: Spitfire 2 & Mirage RS

Sponsor: Swing / Big Wood Ski / Smith / Sport optics / Chums / Beyond Coastal / Freeboern Air Sports

Website / Webprofile:

  • 1999 U.S Freeskiing champion, 2002 North American Freeskiing champion 2014 Miles "Above" Red Bull webisode


Job: Professional Athlete

Hobbies: Speedriding, B.A.S.E, Skydiving, Skiing, White water kayaking,

Music: Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Tesla,

I fly Swing because

The quality is second to none. I have had the chance to fly many different gliders. The first time I flew my Mirage 11.5 I was stunned by the range! Honestly with trimmers in full my rate of descent made my ears pop and the opposite was a glide so smooth you could here your heart beat. Sickest glider ever!

I like

Flying more then anything Almost.

I dislike

I'll try anything once…


Inspiring others to take flight

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