Anze Cokl

Swing Speedflying Team


Glider: Spitfire SE Light 11, Hybrid Hike 15

Sponsor: Swing

Website / Webprofile:

  • Aurora Polaris Trailer - Alaska Expedition 2012 The Revelation Mountains are a sub-range of the Alaska Range and for the most part they are largely unexplored. Rugged and remote, the region is known for its unpredictable weather which can bring abundant snow. Those mountains are the subject of a new Slovenian documentary film entitled Aurora Polaris which was made when a small team of adventurers visited the Revelations for some climbing and skiing. The trailer for the film can be viewed below and the full documentary is scheduled for release in November. Looks like an amazing place!


Job: CEO

Hobbies: Alpine Climbing, exploratory expeditions, speedflying, diving, mountain bike, skydiving

I fly Swing because

Swing listens to my requests regarding custom wishes for high alpine terrain and makes great wings!

I like and and

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