by David Seren

Swing Core 3 victorious on PWC France

Ferdinand on his final glide in Task 1 | Photo: Philippe Broers

CORE 3 piloted by Ferdinand Vogel WINs 2nd and 3rd Task @ PWC France!

Ferdinand Vogel (=Bird) continues his amazing success story. His 274 km FAI triangle has just been officially confirmed as the new german record and Ferdinand continues to win. In his first Worldcup participation ever he came in 10th in the 1st Task and has won the 2nd and 3rd Task. With those results he is currently 1st in the overall ranking too!

The whole SWING Team is keeping the fingers crossed for Ferdi and bows to his amazing performance.

Big congratulations & keep it up Ferdi!

Ferdinands reports (german)
PWC France Results

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