by Maximilian Poehlmann

Repair for Charly Finsterwalder buckles

Dear Customers,

Charly Finsterwalder’s recommendation:  All  harness-closures which are affected by the safety measure must be reworked according to the specifications through specialized and briefed staff.

The DHV couldn’t simulate any more faulty triggering using reworked harness-closures.
We recommend to all affected customers to let Charly Finsterwalder do the job.
Since we have to commission the rework, we’re asking all affected customers to contact us first via phone or e-mail (info@; Tel: +49 (0)8141 - 32 77 888).

After consultation with Charly Finsterwalder, we’ll commission him immediately.
In order to save time and resources, we ask you to send the harness (together with the original and signed order of rework) directly to Charly Finsterwalder. Alternative, you can send it with the order to us. We’ll forward it.
Charly Finsterwalder will charge you 38€ for the job.

The service life of the harness-closures will be extended by 4 years through the rework, to a max. of 10 years.
The limited service life of 10 years of the harness-closures will remain.
Harness-closures which are older than 10 years can be reworked featuring liability exclusion.
Out of reasons of fairness, we offer all affected customers who want to exchange the old harness with a new one (out of our range of products) an extra 30% discount.

Summarised course of action:
German & EU customers -> After consultation, you can send the harness directly to Charly Finsterwalder.
Swiss customers -> You can have the harness-closures reworked by ROBAIR in Mollis.
Customers from all other countries -> Please contact your importer.

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