Production of Hybrid Sport 19 underway

Production of Hybrid Sport 19 underway

“Thermik” magazine published a mini-wing test report in its March issue. The Hybrid Sport has now virtually become a synonym for a new class of glider (Hybrid class).

There could hardly be any greater praise for our new mini-wing – and we are delighted about that! We are pleased to be able to announce that production of the glider in size 19 is now underway as well.

The 19 will appeal to a very wide range of pilots. The canopy weighs about 3.6kg. Swing would never have imagined that this type of glider would receive such positive feedback and expected the market to be much smaller. We are delighted about this success and also thank our tireless speed-rider and mini-wing development team of Manuel Croci, Daniel Kalberer, Daniel Kofler and Bernhard Kälin for their commitment.

…keep up the good work guys!

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