by David Seren

Mistral 7 convinces on XC flying

Last Saturday the SWING Team Pilots showed again how great the potential of the Mistral 7 really is. The best flight of the day and two further Top-10 positions were achieved.

Dietmar Siglbauer started at the Hochfelln and in an outstanding performance flew a 208km FAI triangle, which he closed completely. With this flight he secured himself the victory of the day among the paragliders in the DHV-XC and XContest rankings.

Furthermore, the Team Pilots Torsten Hahne and Eberhard Linckh used the day to full capacity and placed themselves on places 9 and 10 of the DHV-XC daily score, taking their Mistrals for 157.1 and 156.8 km FAI triangle flights respectively.

SWING congratulates the pilots to these outstanding performances!

The complete DHV-XC daily score of June, 8th 2013 can be found here.

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