by Daniel Kofler

COVID-19 crisis - We are still here for you!

Dear Pilots,

We all have to accept new limitations in our daily lives to overcome the corona-crisis and the exponential spreading of the virus amongst all of us.

Of course, we take the necessary measures serious to protect society and our employees by avoiding personal contacts as low as possible. #flattenthecurve

You all can help us maintain the business running due to these demanding circumstances by:

  • Preferably sending mails than calling us by phone

  • Not passing by for personal pick up, we do continue with shipments

  • Being patient if there are delays

Orders, checks and requests of any kinds will be processed as usual and most of our products are on stock, hence we can deliver right away.

Still, we'd like to ask all of you to follow the measures which our governments take during these days.

Wishing you and your families all the best,

Stay safe and healthy,
Your Swing-Team

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