by Daniel Kofler

Mirage RS - now also available in 15.5m²

Mirage RS 15

Size-optimised trimming means we have been able to retain the characteristics of the Mirage RS. With a flat wing area of 15.5m², this new size provides the ideal introduction into the world of speedflying. What’s more, it opens up many new opportunities to experienced miniwing pilots as well.

The Mirage RS 15 is an all-rounder for almost every occasion, whether it’s for the descent in a hike & fly mission, with fun guaranteed (glider weight 2.8kg), soaring in strong winds or ground handling. The long trim travel offers a huge range with a high resistance to collapses, so the Mirage RS 15 can be flown intuitively along the contours of the land. With a surface area of 15.5 m², it offers a high level of safety and glide performance and greater flexibility in the choice of alpine launch sites.

Unlike miniwings with paraglider profiles, the collapse-resistant speedflying profile and short lines make the Mirage RS a true carver, with dive and performance precisely adjusted for safe and uncomplicated mountain swooping. If you are flying at the coast or ground handling, with the Mirage RS 15, the fun takes over from where it ends with a conventional glider.

Mirage RS 15 – a fun wing you should never leave home without!




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