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With the ARCUS 4, the SWING development team has again succeeded in developing a glider which allows great fun in thermals and cross-country flying, but which is not too demanding for inexperienced pilots and beginners. The ARCUS 4 is a versatile all-rounder, with DHV 1/1-2 (accelerated) classification. It far exceeds all current DHV 1 gliders in performance and speed, but nevertheless it demonstrates much more good-natured flight behaviour than pure DHV 1-2 gliders.

Target market

The ARCUS 4 has excellent ascent behaviour and good damping, making it a first-rate glider for thermal flying. Its excellent glide and good speed range mean that the ARCUS 4 is also suitable for cross-country flying but, at the same time, it has a good safety margin which makes it suitable for learners without any restrictions. The ARCUS 4 is thus the ideal glider for a very wide range of pilots, from beginners and social pilots to cross-country pilots.

Flight behaviour

The launch behaviour of the ARCUS 4 is perfectly tuned particularly for beginners: clear and simple with no tendency to overshoot. The canopy rises quickly and evenly above the pilot with low momentum. The glider conveys a very calm feeling during flight, so it is ideal for pilots for whom calmness in the air is important. Despite its excellent performance (Vmax 50 km/h) the development team has placed great importance on good-natured behaviour in extreme flight.

Design and workmanship

Michael Hartmann from SWING’s develogment team explains:

“Our aim was to create a glider with DHV 1 certification in trimmed flight. We achieved this in the end after much expenditure on development. We drew on the profile of the successful MISTRAL 3 for the ARCUS 4. The challenge then was to modify the profile of a high-performance intermediate glider in such a way that the glider had uncompromising good-natured flight behaviour. The main difficulties lay in optimising the way it turns after an asymmetric tuck. We went through a few prototypes before we had fine-tuned the profile and the trim. The end result, the ARCUS 4, exceeded our expectations. I believe that the ARCUS 4 is the best glider available for beginners and occasional pilots.”

The exclusive and functional choice of materials guarantees that the glider will have a long life. The predecessors to the ARCUS 4 have already distinguished themselves on the used glider market by their high resale value, and we are sure that the ARCUS 4 will be in no way inferior to them.

Arcus 4 22 24 26 28 30

LTF homologation not accelerated

1 1 1 1 1

LTF homologation accelerated

1 1-2 1-2 1-2 1
55 - 75 60 - 85 75 - 100 90 - 115 105 - 140


46 46 46 46 46

Wing area (m²)

25 26,5 28,5 30,5 32,5

Wing area projected (m²)

22,6 24,1 25,8 27,6 29,2

Wing span (m)

11,4 11,8 12,2 12,6 13

Projected wing span (m)

9,2 9,45 9,8 10,1 10,4

Aspect ratio

5,17 5,17 5,17 5,17 5,17

Projected aspect ratio

3,7 3,7 3,7 3,7 3,7

Glider weight (kg)

6 6,25 6,5 7 7,3

Min. sink rate (m/s)

1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1

Max speed (km/h)

51 52 52 52 50

Trim speed (km/h)

36 35-36 34-36 36 36
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Special designs


The delivery time for special colors can vary strongly due to capacity utilization of our production. Please contact your dealer to inquire the respective delivery time.

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Foto: Martin Scheel / - Location: Switzerland
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Arcus 4 22 24 26 28 30

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