Swing News - March 2015

world speed record on SWING MIRAGE

On March 20, Armin Senoner succeded to realize a flight with his Mirage 5,5 that will go down in history: He reached 152.9 km/h which is world record. SWING congratulates to this success!

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NEXUS-Testival: new date

The NEXUS-Testival with the first batch of serial wings is now scheduled to take place during the Expo Montegrappa in Bassano (April 4 to 6). There you will have the first ever opportunity to fly our new all-terrain glider yourselves.

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SPITFIRE 2 victorious in France

Congratulations to Gaby Van Der Stenn and Valentin Delluc of the Swing Speedflying Team for winning the French Championships in Speedriding 2015 with the Spitfire 2 comp and the Mirage comp.

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