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The new AGERA RS sees the introduction of the first EN-C glider to feature RAST!

We have combined RAST with an uncompromising performance profile. Through the synergies this produces, the AGERA RS is redefining the sport class and blurring the boundaries with the performance class.


  AGERA RS Upgrade 2019 (concerns all Agera RS that were delivered before 01/01/2019)



Flight behaviour:

The AGERA RS is a high-performance wing that behaves like a 2-line glider.

It can be steered delicately and extremely precisely, meaning it is incredibly stable and can be controlled reliably even in strong turbulence. The communicative flight behaviour of the AGERA RS enables the pilot to “read the air” and to recognise and use even small up-currents.

The AGERA RS is completely in its element in strong conditions and conveys a sheer high performance feel:

Gliding through turbulence with razor-sharp precision at half or full throttle, combined with perfect pitch control through the C-Bridge, means cross-country freaks have everything they could ever want. Reaching the next thermal, the AGERA RS enters it purposefully, then playfully spirals up to cloudbase. At the same time it assists the pilot at all times with clear and direct feedback.

The weight ranges are very precise and close, allowing the AGERA RS to develop its full potential, and at the same time they cover the range of optimal wing-loading.

Target group:

The AGERA RS is a high-end sport class wing, which also compares well with higher-rated gliders. With its huge potential in terms of performance and speed, it is intended primarily for the following groups of pilot:

  • ambitious paraglider pilots, along with cross-country and competition pilots, who fly actively and are able to detect canopy stability problems, and prevent them at the outset or minimise their repercussions. The pilot must be able to safely master all common descent methods.

  • Pilots who are seriously preparing themselves for the switch to a CCC or EN-D competition glider.

If you only ever used the AGERA RS for leisurely thermalling at your local site, it would be much the same as never using a sports car outside restricted speed zones …

Technical highlights:

  • RAST for more stability and a greater range of usable performance

  • uncompromising performance profile for high speeds and excellent properties in thermal flying

  • Nitinol rods for a razor-sharp leading edge with maximum aerodynamic quality

  • same load distribution as with 2-line technology. 90% of the load is on the A- and B-lines. The C-lines have a supporting function and operate only when using the brakes or with canopy stability problems. This has made it possible to transfer the 2-line feeling into the sport class

  • C-Bridge for efficient pitch control and steering through the rear risers

  • exclusive high-tech fabric, which is very light and hard-wearing

  • competition line system for minimised resistance

  • high trim speed

  • intelligent and durable lightweight construction

Ein Kommentar unsers Entwicklungteams: 

Everybody talks about paraglider performance, but no one has published a reliable polar curve. We have flown the polar curve of the Agera R/L in several flights with a TAS sensor and two parallel instruments.


Ziad Bassil´s Review of the Agera RS SM  

I made some glide comparisons with an Artik 5 which is a very good glider in that matter, and found out many times that the Agera RS has IMHO, the highest glide on a C ever seen. Indeed, the glide is simply amazing, with a trim speed that’s slightly faster than an Artik 5 fully loaded. I even tried some glides with an LM6 size SM and found out that the Agera RS plays in that class in terms of gliding in moving air. I also felt that when there’s turbulence and difficult windy conditions, that the Agera RS performs at it’s best. So when i let it fly ! the glide angle is superb for a C certified glider. [ more]

"Best-of" Flights with the Agera RS

Pilot: Stephen Noble

Startplatz: Dubbo - Australien  Distanz: free flight- 287.30km (50.22km/h)

Pilot: Franz Sailer

Takeoff: Emberger Alm   Distance: Flat Triangle - 227,87km (25,69km/h)

Pilot: Dietmar Siglbauer

Takeoff: Unternberg  Distance: FAI Triangle - 202,4 km (20,2 km/h)

Pilot: Tim Huber

Takeoff: Unternberg  Distance: FAI Triangle - 199,2 km (22,5 km/h)

Pilot: Walter Wojciechowski

Takeoff: Bassano  Distance: Free Distance - 170 km (24,4 km/h)


Detail Shots


* in Bearbeitung / in progress
** Die Leistungsdaten sind abhängig von der Flächenbelastung, den atmosphärischen Bedingungen und dem verwendeten Gurtzeug, sowie der Pilotenposition

LTF homologation






CEN homologation


Recommended weight range (kg) Min/Max inkl. Ausrüstung

65-80 78-89
100-110 110-125
permissible weight range (kg) min./max. inkl. Equipment 65-82 78-90


98-112 110-125


69 69 69 69 69

Wing area (m²)

20,4 22 24,3 26,7 29

Wing area projected (m²)

17,7 19,1 21,2 23,2 25,2

Wing span (m)

11,3 11,8 12,4 13,0 13,6

Projected wing span (m)

9,0 9,6 10,1 10,6 11,0

Aspect ratio

6,3 6,3 6,3 6,3 6,3

Projected aspect ratio

4,8 4.8 4.8 4.8 4,8

Glider weight (kg)

4,6 4,8 5,0 5,3 5,7

Min. sink rate (m/s)

1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0

Trim speed (km/h)

40±1 40±1 40±1 40±1 40±1

Max speed (km/h)

55±2 55±2 55±2 55±2 55±2

Scope of delivery


  • Swing AGERA RS
  • Sherpa Backpack
  • Protection Bag 2
  • Compression Strap
  • Manual

  • Navigation

For technical reasons, we are currently unable to offer special colors for the Agera RS


Brochure / Flyer

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Maintenance and Service Book





Inspection information

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Test reports

Thermik Magazine Testbericht

Thermik Magazine Review

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Piloten Feedbacks



Der Agera RS bereichert zweifelsohne die Sportklasse: Ins Auge springt vorderhand seine unumstritten formidable Performance im Gleitflug. Vor allem im beschleunigten Flug bis hin zum Topspeed bei etwa 56 km/h besticht der Sportklasseflügel durch flache Polare sowie überdurchschnittliche Stabilität. Sollte es trotzdem mal „klappen“, darf der Pilot auf die Vorteile des RAST-2.0-Systems vertrauen, welches zweifelsohne einen flachen Knickwinkel und geringere Flächentiefe begünstigt. Etwas „anders“ präsentiert sich der Agera RS in der Thermik. Den Agera RS muss man im Aufwind auch definitiv „anders“ fliegen. Und zwar hochleistergerecht: mit ausreichend Speed … kaum Außenbremse … und konsequenter Gewichtsverlagerung! Dann präsentiert sich der schnittige Flügel im Aufwind drehfreudig, agil und stets superstabil.

Thermik Magazine - Agera RS Testbericht [PDF Download]

There is no doubt that the Agera RS enriches the sport class. An obvious point is its indisputably formidable glide performance.The sport class wing is impressive above all in accelerated fight up to its top speed at about 56kph with its at polar curves and above average stability. If there should nevertheless be a collapse, then the pilot can rely on the benefits of the RAST 2.0 system, which without doubt favours a at folding angleand lower chord length...

Thermik Magazine - Agera RS Full Review [PDF download]

I participated in the Polish Sport a little as a joke. With Bassano friends we wanted to see who was the best, we all wanted to use the new Swing Agera RS, unfortunately then they didn't attend the event. I do. In the days before the race I tried the new Agera RS and I immediately felt that it had potential, flying against the CCCs like Enzo 3 and Boomerang 11 I had good feelings, flying in the small Recoaro Dolomites the day was turbulent and weak, I tried the safety of the sail, excellent, it was enough to bite the brakes and stable and safe sailing.

The RAST works well preventing clasps perfectly. The sail test was perfect. On the first day of the competition held in Alpago, my Agera RS immediately fell above the other sails, especially when it came to the thermals and the ridge near the rocks, I had them brought and climbed much more than the others. I was great in front of everyone without any problem, I had an extra gear, perfect.

Even the following two days the stability and safety helped me a lot and I also won the second and third tasks, always staying ahead of everyone, the whole task very easily. The fourth and last day no one has closed due to coverage. Excellent result for this Agera RS with RAST works well, stability, efficiency and safety in EN-C are perfect.

I thank Swing, Maurizio Bottegal for the trust.

Nevastro Federico

Bei den Spreewald Open 2019 durfte ich den Swing Agera RS in der Größe L ausprobieren. Die Vorhersage für den 3. Tag / 2.Task des Wettbewerbs war "gute bis sehr gute Thermik". Der Tag blieb jedoch weit hinter den Erwartungen zurück. Im Startbart konnte ich einige EN-C Schirme abhängen. Für mich eine völlig neue Erfahrung, da sonst leichtere Piloten in schwachen Bedingungen immer an mir vorbeiziehen. Einmal an der Basis angekommen, war es quasi ein Selbstläufer die 23 km kurze Aufgabe im Halbgas abzufliegen. Vielen Dank an Swing und den Konstrukteur Michael Nesler für diesen wirklich gelungenen Schirm, mit dem ich meinen allerersten Task-Sieg in einem Gleitschirm-Wettkampf erfliegen durfte.

Ronny Schmidt

Flachland-Stresstest für den neuen Agera RS

Getreu dem Motto einen Schritt zurück und zwei nach vorne, durfte ich bei den Spreewald Open in Cottbus vergangene Woche den neuen Agera RS unter Wettkampfbedingungen testen. Nach vielen Jahren auf Enzo's, aber zuletzt geringer Flugpraxis entschied ich mich bewusst vorerst dazu.
Genauso wie man sich bei einem Klassenaufstieg an die neuen Anforderungen der Schirme gewöhnen muss, so ist dies auch beim Klassenabstieg der Fall. So richtiges Hochleisterfeeling sollte man daher auch nicht erwarten. Was die Agilität, sowie die Gleit-und Steigleistung betrifft, muss sich der Agera RS aber keinesfalls verstecken. Im Gegenteil, besonders auffällig erschien mir die gute Gleitleistung bei 1/3 beschleunigt. Auch gegen den Wind schlägt sich der Schirm überraschend gut. Das Startverhalten speziell an der Winde kann man schon fast als schulungstauglich beschreiben. Selbst Rückenwindstarts sind absolut kein Problem. Alles in allem ist Swing ein sehr ausgewogener Flügel gelungen, bei dem man keine Überraschungen erlebt, aber dennoch eine brauchbare Leistung zur Verfügung hat.

Martin Serner

I made some glide comparisons with an Artik 5 which is a very good glider in that matter, and found out many times that the Agera RS has IMHO, the highest glide on a C ever seen. Indeed, the glide is simply amazing, with a trim speed that’s slightly faster than an Artik 5 fully loaded. I even tried some glides with an LM6 size SM and found out that the Agera RS plays in that class in terms of gliding in moving air. I also felt that when there’s turbulence and difficult windy conditions, that the Agera RS performs at it’s best. So when i let it fly ! the glide angle is superb for a C certified glider. I forgot to say that the Agera RS doesn’t seem to have a shark nose, and the leading edge looks similar to the Nyos RS, with more cells of course, and smaller openings.

Ziad Bassil - Agera RS SM Review


The words to describe my first experience are 'curious and excited'... I generally only add 1 new item to my flying however in this occasion I also flew the connect 3 for the first time but normally I'm in the connect 2, which may not count as too much new equipment as both have seaboards and are quite similar.
The site was my regular inland site and the time was after the peak thermic period. The air was boyant and the lift was abundant near the ridge and some small climbs away from the hill. I flew without a Vario sound and concentrated on feeling the air through the harness.

The glider gave more feedback than my Nyos RS as well as all of the other EN C glider I have flown in the last 15 years which was helpful in searching for the light lift. I managed to climb faster than my friends on the day and push out from the ridge to new areas and loose very little height. On a few occasions I played with the speed bar and felt the glider became more solid. The initial height loss on application was coupled with high speed, however the glider seemed to flatten out and glider forever to headwind areas I had not flown to before.
I top landed and gave the glider to a friend that zoomed around the sky and I was unable to catch him to take a picture of the top surface. I can't wait to try the glider again! Excited and curious about how it goes in stronger lift.

Andrew Polidano
Chief Flight Instructor


My record flight is done definitely thanks to the new wing. I exchanged BGD Lynx to Swing Agera RS and I feel as if this wing had inner aluminium frame. In the strong turbulence, I feel very confident and sefaly. The performance is outstanding. I highly recommend it :)

Walter Wojciechowski
XC Walter


I am Reyee, a Chinese fresh pilot. I had a 190km flight with Agera in Australia .
Thanks for providing such excellent wing. That was my second time fly Agera RS ,also my second time to try a EN C class wing(I used to fly Nyos RS). it performance very nice and gave me a wonderful memory.

FYI, the flight log is here:

这把伞的表现牛逼的超出意外,means "The wing perform so amazing over my expect" in Chinese.
Hope other pilot will join to fly with Agera RS.

Reyee Wu
Chinese XC Pilot